Loan Products

SpringfieldNHS  has offered a wide variety of loan products to address the home financing needs of the community since 1978. Currently, the agency is focused on giving these same opportunities to just about anyone…anywhere in Massachusetts.

We provide a full spectrum of mortgage loan products to potential homebuyers as well as for existing homeowners which include: Conventional fixed-Rate and adjustable-rate mortgages,

FHA loans and MassHousing loans. These products permit a broad range of households access to homeownership with either large or low down payments. These lending opportunities also help provide financing for debt consolidations, vacations, home improvements or cash for other reasons.  SNHS also makes specialized lending services available to potential and current homeowners who may not be able to obtain help elsewhere.

These services can be accessed online at or by contacting Anderson Green in our office at (413) 739-4737. We are truly a “one-stop’” shopping  center.  So make no mistake, when it comes to Buying a Home…Keeping a Home…Building a neighborhood, look to SNHS.



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