Fuel Assistance

Springfield Neighborhood Housing Service is pleased to announce it’s partnership with New England Farm Workers Council Fuel Assistance Program.

Residents in the Mason Square Area of Springfield, MA can now come to our office at 111 Wilbraham Road, Springfield MA Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm to pick up an  intake form in order to set up an appointment for Fuel Assistance at the New England Farm Workers Council.  The eligibility period is from November 1 thru April 30.

1 $30,751 6 $78,060
2 $40,213 7 $79,835
3 $49,675 8 $81,609
4 $59,137 9 $83,383
5 $68,598 10 $85,157

The following groups may apply for assistance:
  • All homeowners and renters who pay for their own heating costs
  • All renters whose heat is included in their rent
  • Renters in public and/or private subsidized housing who pay for their own heat and utilities and do not receive a heat/utility allowance
  • SOME RENTERS in public and/or private subsidized housing who heat is included in their rent might be eligible depending on the type of housing subsidy and category of rent. Please call our office for additional information to see if you qualify.
  1. Proof of Identity
  2. Proof of Address
  3. Social Security numbers & birth dates for all household members
  4. Proof of Income for all household members
  5. Gas & Electric bills (and name of dealer if oil/kerosene/propane
  6. Renters should bring the tenant/landlord information sheet
  7. Renters receiving a subsidy must bring a copy of the recertification housing sheet or letter from the housing authority.
You will also need to bring all of the following income documentation (as applicable):
  • Wages (4 most recent pay stubs)
  • Welfare, Social Security, SSI, VA, Workers’ Comp, Pensions (copy of most recent check/stub)
  • Unemployment (copy of DUA claim record)
  • Alimony/Child Support (copy of checks, divorce decree, court order, DOR print out)
  • Bank Interest, Dividends (statement from bank, copies of checks, tax forms)
  • Rental Income (mortgage interest, property tax, water/sewer, insurance, proof of rent received)
  • Self Employment (copy of Federal Tax Return from previous year)

*Disclaimer – Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services are not in charge of the fuel assistance program but a service to help make it convenient to those in the Mason Square area who wish to apply for fuel assistance*

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