Foreclosure Help Is Available

Has your financial situation changed due to increased mortgage payments, job loss, divorce, medical expenses, increased taxes or other circumstances? If it has, you are not alone.

In the current economic downturn, many families find themselves facing similar situations.  However, help is available.  Whether you are in danger of foreclosure or already facing foreclosure, SNHS is a HUD approved housing counseling agency providing honest and unbiased information to troubled homeowners.  Our housing counselors can provide advice on defaults, foreclosures, and credit issues and will work with you to understand your situations and determine what options are available to you.

We understand how difficult it is to talk about this situation and we offer a compassionate, single point of contact for foreclosure prevention assistance.

Also, as a non profit agency, we are recognized as a neutral third party and often have access to resources not readily available to the public.  So, if you find yourself facing foreclosure, call us immediately.  Remember:  “The worse thing you can do is nothing”.

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