Employer Assisted Program

MassMutual and Baystate Health provide some of their employees with financial assistance to purchase homes in Springfield. However, Baystate Health does not provide assistance for homes purchased in Atwater or Forest Park neighborhoods; but, MassMutual has no neighborhood restriction. Wherever they purchase within the city, employees must complete homebuyer education and provide a down payment of 1 ½% to qualify for assistance.

In addition, MassMutual offers financial assistance to their employees who purchase within targeted neighborhoods. Baystate Health, American International College and Springfield College offer financial assistance to their employees who purchase within targeted neighborhoods, who are income eligible. Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services provides matching funds from DHCD (Dept of Housing and Community Development) to MassMutual employees, Baystate Health employees, American International College employees and Springfield College employees. Eligible neighborhoods are those contiguous to the State St corridor and, in the case of Baystate employees, the North End of Springfield.

Lastly, Mental Health Association provides financial assistance to their employees who purchase homes.  However, the assistance is not restricted to employees who purchase in Springfield.  Please check with your employer for more information regarding the Employer Assisted Program.

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