CURB APPEAL PROGRAM: Round 2 Completed!

Last year MassMutual announced the kickoff of a $150,000  “Curb Appeal”  program to improve the exterior appearances of homes in neighborhoods along the city’s State Street corridor.

In it’s second year, residents in the neighborhoods along the State Street corridor were encouraged to apply for grants of up to $5,000 for a broad range of home improvements to fencing, or entry doors.  The program is being administered by Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services.

“Mass Mutual has long been committed to giving back to our community and, this program is a significant extension of that commitment” said Nick Fyntrilakas, Assistant Vice President, Community Responsibility.  “We’re confident that this program will add to the significant progress already being made in State Street’s redevelopment efforts”.

Charles Rucks, Executive Director, SNHS, noted that Mass Mutual’s grant also helped SNHS secure an additional $600,000 in funding to assist city residents in achieving home ownership.  “This program clearly extends SNHS’s goal to help transform families and revitalize distressed neighborhoods through sustainable home ownership, rehabilitation and recycling of blighted properties, and empowerment of our city’s residents,” said Rucks.  “We thank Mass Mutual for their continued generosity and look forward to working with neighborhood residents that are committed to their homes and our city.  “These grants will enable residents to enhance the appearance of their properties, bolstering the pride they have in their homes and making Springfield a better place to live”.

“So far, some 20 applicants have been approved for grants under the program and another round is forthcoming.  If you are interested in pursuing one of these grants and would like more information, watch for announcements or contact our office at (413)739-4737.

One thought on “CURB APPEAL PROGRAM: Round 2 Completed!”

  1. Denita Cobb says:

    I wish I can get a grant. Are there any available?
    I called today but no one answered.
    My drive way needs to be redone but I can’t afford it
    I’m a struggling home owner. My driveway is uneven and water get into my basement the pave
    is coming apart and is getting unsafe for my boys to play on.
    This winter was very harsh to it and messed it up even more.
    I know this is an old site but I hope someone from Mass mutual or SNHS will see my message.
    I want to be able to play ball with my boys in my back yard when it is safe or even walk on it without tripping on it.
    My driveway it messed up badly.
    4/16/15 help me please 413-301-7114

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