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Business West 2017 Giving Guide, Support the Dream

Business West 2017 Giving Guide, Support the Dream

RuthAnn Hamilton-Stutts, Retires

Honoring RuthAnn Hamilton-Stutts: “The one thing I will miss the most is to see the faces and/or hear the stories of families we served as we help them become more empowered residence, teach them how to establish credit or repair their credit and especially when their goal of becoming a first-time home buyer is realized.

Just to know that we can and have given them hope and improved the quality of their lives is a great feeling and I thank God for letting me be a part of it and SNHS’s Legacy.

October 7th 2017 First Time Home Buyers Class

We are currently accepting new registrations for October 7th First Time Home Buyers Workshop!!

Register online or give us a call 413-739-4737 ext 100 for more information.

Because We Care

Call us today to start building your dreams whether it is for first time home buyers, credit counseling, hardship loan modifications, mortgage pre-approvals or refinancing. We can help. Because we care.

Springfield NHS Has Not Moved

Hello Everyone, I just want to let everyone know that Springfield Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. HAS NOT MOVED FROM 111 Wilbraham Road. Our office has not closed nor has it moved. We used to share the building with Home City Housing who was located on the side of our building at 5 Northampton Ave. Home City Housing has moved to 261 Oak Grove Ave. and is a rental agency. Our office door has always been on Wilbraham Rd side.

Springfield NHS is a HomeOwnership Center and if you are interested in becoming a HomeOwner, want to learn how to buy a house, get your credit repaired, established or learn how to maintain it, for any reason, such as improving it to rent an apartment, buy a car at a good interest rate, etc. or buy a house, please stop in to see up or good to our website at to register.

We also help families with Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention who may be late with their mortgages or facing possible foreclose. Please give us a call.

Please give us a call at (413) 739-4737. Springfield NHS is also a nonproft Licensed Lender/Broker (NMLS #MC49872) and we can help you to pre-qualify for a mortgage with us. So stop by and see us. Thank you.